Thread catcher that attaches to Avante



  • Joan Mills

    I have been tossing this around......that magnetic scissor strip  that is on the Avante and Forte.....will hold anything lightweight that is proper metal.    I tested it out on an Altoids tin,  and it stuck.   So I am going to test an aluminum can.....   I personally use my "zinger" with my scissors  as I am right handed and that magnetic strip is just inconvenient for me to reach to get my it would be useful for me to hold a container for all those threads!   otherwise,  at Quilt Week,  the HQ rep had sandwich sized paper bags taped to the end of the frame.....but they were short frames.....!  

  • Eburke31

    I've seen patterns for a really cute fat quarter pop-up container that you could make and add a loop of fabric to hang it off of a bar. I have been thinking about seeing if my local shop has the kit to make one for myself!

  • Elaine Schmidt

    Lots of good ideas! Thanks. I found a suggestion online that has worked well for me. Someone suggested using lint-roller tape. I take a length of it and tear it off at the perforation line, then roll it into a tube and just stuck it to the frame of my machine. Now I can easily stick the loose threads to it. Works great. When the tape is full or not so sticky, I just replace it. And I don't have to empty any containers or deal with finding the opening to a bag. 

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