• Sharon Grieser

    I would also like an answer to this question.

  • Joan Mills

    have you been cleaning out the lint and oiling it every time you change the bobbin?    That  usually silences it.   and keeps it running smoothly.


  • Pumpkinspice

    Hopefully, I have answered my own question. Thanks for your input though. I oiled the bobbin to solve the noisy problem! When it needs cleaning I use a brush clean out the basket and making sure there is not any lint under the arm.

  • Joan Mills

    That is great.   I have found that if I use a piece of polyester batting about 3 in square to clean out the bobbin are, it attracts far more lint than the brush.   And,  cotton thread seems to create far more lint in the bobbin area than polyester!   Been experimenting with different threads....can you tell???!!!

    Happy Quilting!!!

  • Pumpkinspice

    Thanks I’ll
    Give the polyester batting a try!

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