Feeling very sick right now.



  • penny doane

    Like anything new, you have to learn how to use it.   Watch the videos, download the PDF manual and read through it.   Follow the steps.  Once you know what you are doing it is a very easy thing to do.   But to say it is a bad machine is like a man not asking for directions and getting mad because he lost.

  • oddduck

    I am feeling your frustration.  My machine, Forte with Pro Sticher, was sent to me the 7th of November - it is now 11 December and I still don't have my machine up and running.  And worst of all - I don't feel that anyone cares.  Customer support is minimal and follow through lacks interest.  I regret my purchase - even though I did my homework and still feel that the best choice would have been Handi-quilter.  Now I am so frustrated and emotionally spent just trying to get all the parts I need to put the frame together.  I did take a 3 day "academy" before purchasing and I worry now that I won't remember how to even turn the machine on.  And who do you talk to???  Customer service apparently doesn't have the capacity to fix problems.  Anyway, I would return my machine right now - bet I could return it before I even get the set screws still needed.  Truly wish you the best of luck.

  • oddduck

    Well finally spoke to someone today that I have full confidence in to send me what I am lacking to get my machine up and running.  I finally have hope again.

  • June Renick

    I agree with the people above.  I am really frustrated with my machine and my Prostitcher.  If you ask a question they act like you are stupid and should know the answer.  I have even been to Utah to classes.  Right now my thread keeps breaking and it was sewing correctly and just started this.  My designs will automatically overlap or change sizes in the middle of quilting.

  • Kathy Santo

    The pro-stitcher premium is daunting.  It does take practice watch their videos over and over it helped me plus I was lucky

    to have a friend that helped me. I'm really enjoying it.  Although I changed my needle and for some reason I can't get the needle back in.  I have someone coming out to look at it, needs a cleaning anyway.

  • judy downard

    It is true that getting help from hq is difficult.  I am lucky to have a dealer who has given me his cell phone number and I'm encouraged to call him whenever I need help.  I try to do that when I'm absolutely stymied by the new software.  Be careful about complaining too much on here.  I will learn the new software even if I don't like it.  They will keep improving it.  Don't send your machines back.  Just try to find a good dealer. 



  • judy downard

    I still don't like the new software.  Not enough new to endure trying to learn it.  I constantly go back to the old software.  Had the upgrade installed and now the icons don't respond.  I'm tired of hearing that Prostitcher is the best and the latest.  I suppose for the reasonable cost, we get what we pay for.  



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