Motor error and needle not stitching



  • marcyhellman7

    I have a similar issue with my Avante.  I can tell when it will happen because it makes a different sound and speeds up. I press pause and I cannot get it to stitch after that. It air stitches and the only way I can keep going is to turn off the machine and pull out the plug in back then restart the machine. At least this way I don't have to restart the software.  Yesterday it took me seven hours to finish a quilt that should have taken less than three hours.  I am very frustrated. I don't use free motion so I don't know if it will do it without the software.

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  • Anne Arrowood

    Was there ever a response to this issue from support? I am having the same experience. 

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  • Elsie Saar

    My Avante is having the same issue.  It had this issue in the summer of 2017.  I had to send the whole thing to Utah where they replaced the C pod and all was fine.  I have quilted several quilts since then and wanted to quilt tonight.  It only air stitches.  I updated the Pro Stitcher with the new update dated 4/17 and it did not help.  So I clicked on the Opti-Stitch to see if it would help and now the Pro Stitcher moves at a snail's pace.  I unclicked that but it did not return to normal moving speed.  I tested all the connections.  The Avante operates in manual mode but not in Pro Stitcher mode.  I have three quilts waiting to be quilted, I need helpI  I hope that I do not have to send it back to Utah after such a short time!


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