Vibration - Amara 20


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  • Cheryl Duncan


    Make sure your frame is completely in which ever view you are using.  Make sure you are loading the frame the proper way for the way your frame is set up.  Make sure your sidearms are in the correct position.  You should only be able to place your finger tips  between the pole and the bed of the machine.  If you can get more than that you need to lower the side arms.  You can find the instructions in the owner's manual. 

    The other thing that can cause bouncing is if your hopping foot is raised to high.  Put your needle in the lowest position and you should only be able to fit a business card between the foot and the needle plate.  If this needs to be adjusted please call your local retailer where you purchased the machine.

    If these suggestions don't help your bouncing issue please let us know and we will see what else we can figure out.


    Best regards,


    Cheryl Duncan

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

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