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  • Cheryl Duncan


    You are correct.  You will need to create your two rows and then combine them. 

    Set up your first row and make sure you Baseline this row.

    Create your second row. Do P2P (point to point) Baseline this row. Go to Modify, Rotate, Mirror then Swap Start/End so it will start on your left side.

    Using your finger move this row to where you want it compared to the first row.

    Now go to Select All (the large white square in the bottom left hand corner).

    Baseline.  You now have 1 design and you can either just use the two rows to stitch your quilt or you can set up the entire quilt using these 2 rows..


    If you need further assistance please call our Education department at 1-877-697-8458, M-F, 8-5 MST.


    Best regards,

    Cheryl Duncan

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator


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