Simply Sixteen Little Foot Frame



  • lynnsakl

    Hi, is this still available? How much to ship to Belton MO? I could possibly pick up. I can pay with PayPal or cash.

  • mabourque

    Yes, frame is available.  Right now I am sorry but am unable to provide you with shipping cost to MO.  I can look into it later next week.  You will need to order a carriage to mount your machine.  It would be awesome if you can pick up.  Again, my apology as I posted too soon and right now I cannot complete your request.  If you like, I can prepare a paypal invoice next week but will consider it sold as soon as you commit.

    Its a great buy and I would be happy if it goes to someone that can use it! 

  • mabourque

    Checked with shipping and the cost to MO is in excess over the cost of the frame.  I can offer to meet you part of the way.  With all the flooding, I am hoping you are okay with delivery in April.  

  • mabourque



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