Fusion with Pro-Stitcher for Sale



  • mstenger

    Where are you located?


  • Darcey Feltz

    I am in Wisconsin but can ship the machine anywhere in the US, the new frame will come directly from HQ

  • Darlene Triplett

    Would you be interested in selling the machine without the table.  If so, what would you charge?  I'm torn between purchasing the infinity and the Fusion/Forte.  Are you purchasing the Infinity or another brand.  What would be the selling point for going bigger? 

  • kpryel

    Is the Fusion still available - is the Pro stitcher the premium - how old is the machine.  I can be contacted at kpryel3@gmail.com.  Thanks.



  • Dotyma

    Still Available ? Mark@Doty.net  

  • Darcey Feltz

    No sorry I sold it.

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