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  • Cheryl Duncan


    I am sorry you are so frustrated with Pro-Stitcher Premium.  There are several tutorials on that would help walk you through several different features and  processes with this new program.  Take a look at them and see if they help at all.


    Best regards,

    Cheryl Duncan

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

  • tamela71

    I am starting with the premium and the manual is not very helpful and the videos aren't either. It would be more helpful in the videos if the steps on the screen and the steps on the quilt are both shown. The videos always seem to start after the part I need to know or I can't see what you are doing. I am beginning to feel I made a huge mistake buying my Pro-stitcher Premium. I haven't cried this much since I had a death in the family.

  • judy downard

    I am going through the same experience you are.  It is very difficult to find the information you need to learn the software.  Yes, there are many tutorials and a manual, but finding exactly what you need is still difficult.  I find that calling Handi Quilter is the only way to solve a problem.  I find the manual to be lacking in information that we need.  Prostitcher needs to sit down with someone new to the software and longarm and let that person tell them what they need to include in the manual.  They will advise you to call your dealer.  I have a wonderful dealer, but I don't feel I  should call him each time I need help.  I will call Handi Quilter when I need help.  They are very good about walking you through any problem you have.  Just keep their number by the phone and call them anytime.  Maybe they will print a new manual that we can use without searching through it to find how to solve whatever problem we have. 


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