HQ Amara - power to machine just stopped - can't restart



  • Kathy Barney

    Did you get an answer... the same thing just happened to my amara... mine is also less than one year old


  • CLWmer

    Did either of you get an answer, the same thing just happened to my amara  How did you fix problem ?


  • Kathy Barney

    yes, one of the computer boards went out on my machine and the tech had to order a new one from HQ... i was without my machine almost two weeks over the 4th of July. I hope you get yours fixed fast... it is bad when you are ready to quilt and you cant! 

  • CLWmer

    Thanks Kathy for the response, I dropped mine off yesterday and hopefully will get back soon.  Wonder if this is a common issue with the Amara


  • Pamela Graber

    HI Kathy and CL - my machine had more than just the circuit board problem, but it has been resolved and I'm quilting once again.

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